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                   Marc Chagall   The best pictures

Chagall, Marc Zakharovich. (1887 - 1985). The basic directing element of creativity of Marc Chagall is its national Jewish feeling inseparably linked for it with calling. If I wasn't the Jew as I understand it, I wouldn't be the artist or would be absolutely other artist, it has formulated the position in one of an essay.

                   Pavel Filonov   The best pictures

Filonov, Pavel Nikolayevich. (1883 1941). Russian avant-garde painter, art theorist, poet, one of the leaders of Russian avant guarde; the founder and theorist of analytical art - unique reforming direction of painting and diagrams of first half XX. In 1912, he wrote the article The Canon and the Law, in which he formulated the principles of analytical realism, or "anti-Cubism". He believed that objects and fields should be built up from small details and bits. He organized a large arts school of Masters of Analytical Realism. Their work influenced suprematism and expressionism.

                   Boris Grigoriev   The best pictures

Grigoriev, Boris Dmitrievich. (1886 - 1939). Creating in avant-guard atmosphere, nevertheless, it never rushed to extreme forms. The fine draughtsman. Its cycle of "Raseja" is widely known. In the album of a cycle published in 1918, From 1916 to 1918 he created a series of paintings and graphic works, Russia (Raseja), depicting the poverty and strength of the Russian peasantry and village life. Portraits and landscapes of Russian village have developed in the many-voiced song full not of melancholy, but a bitter melancholy.

                   Wassily Kandinsky   The best pictures

Kandinsky, Wassily Wassilyevich. (1866-1944). In 1901 he became one of foundations of association for avant-garde artists. His landscapes, built on color dissonances, which gradually took him to his most famous works, works of abstraction. In the 1920-30s Kandinsky was proclaimed the theoretician and leading figure of abstract painting.

                    Kazimir Malevich   The best pictures

Malevich, Kazimir Severinovich. (1878 - 1935). In early 1913 he started to become interested in cubo-futurism. In 1915 he draws the first paintings executed in the "New Painting Realism" style, which Malevich would later name "Suprematism". Soon the 39 works were shown at the second futurist exhibition (the "Zero-Ten Exhibition") in Petrograd. The room was dominated by the trademark "Black Square" and other similar pictures. They were perceived by many as expression of a "higher consciousness", in which objects and concepts acquired a clear-cut simplicity.

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