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                    Ilya Glazunov    The best pictures

 Ivan the Terrible.  1974. Private assembly.   Prince Dmitriy Donskoy.   1980. The Regional Art Museum of Tula,  Tula, Russia.  Eternal Russia  (Hundred centuries). 1988.
Glazunov, Ilya Sergeevich.
Was born on June, 10th, 1930 in Leningrad.
Rector of the Russian Academy of Painting, Sculpture, and Architecture, Active Member of the Russian Academy of the Arts, Professor, Peoples Artist of the USSR, Honorary Member of the Royal Academies of the Arts in Madrid and Barcelona, Recipient of the Gold Medal of Picasso awarded by UNESCO for Contributions to World Culture, Recipient of Jawaharlal Nehru Award, Laureate of the State Award of the Russian Federation.

                    Mikhail Ivanenko    The best pictures

 Tears of autumn.  2006.  Fairy tale in beams of a daylight.  2006.   Kiss of a wind.  2007.
Ivanenko, Mikhail Aleksandrovich.
Was born on November, 24th, 1960 in a Taganrog. Has ended the Rostov art school it. B. Grekova's M. A member of the Union of Artists of Kuban. The participant of numerous exhibitions in Russia and the Europe. Pictures are in private assemblies and art galleries of Russia, the USA, the Europe.

                    Dmitry Kustanovich    The best pictures

Kustanovich, Dmitry Aleksandrovich.
Was born in 1970 in Minsk. The artist with strongly pronounced creative individuality. Its pictures attract attention characteristic technics of the oil drawing recognized by a picturesque manner. The author has found the handwriting, the techniques with palette knife use that gives the chance to make painting volume, multilayered and polyphonic. Character of compositions, a surface singular solution forms specific dynamics of its cloths.

                    Alexander aranov    The best pictures

 Aroma of  Flowers.  2005.  Display.  2005.  Dance of Spring.  2006.
aranov, Alexander Borisovich.
Uzbekistan was born in 1962 in Tashkent. Has ended Theatrically-art institute. A member of the Union of artists of Uzbekistan and the International Federation of artists at UNESCO. The participant of exhibitions in Russia and abroad. Pictures are in private assemblies and museums of Russia, the USA, the Europe.

                   Nikas Safronov   The best pictures

Safronov, Nikolay (Nikas) Stepanovich.
Was born in 1956 in Ulianovsk. "He is aggressive and susceptible to influence, knows the marked, can deceive you, is highly skilful and free with his brush, knows his own worth, has no problems with form, and is possessed of a vivid imagination, independent, free from complexes, colourful, and theatrical He is a Talent in which, alongside skill and perfect mastery of form, there lives a gentle, shy, highly sensitive soul without which there has never been, nor can be, anything everlasting and distinct in Russian art" N.Mikhalkov

                    Alexander Shilov    The best pictures

 Masterpieces of Russian Painting  Masterpieces of Russian Painting  Masterpieces of Russian Painting
Shilov, Alexander Maksovich.
Was born on October, 6th, 1943 in Moscow. The artist - the realist. The national artist of the USSR, the full member of the Russian academy of arts, the academician of Academy of social sciences. Lives and works in Moscow. In 1997 A. Shilova's Moscow state picture gallery is opened.

                    Oleg Vysotski    The best pictures

 Temple.  Breath of Space.  Birth of the Sign.
Vysotski, Oleg Nikolaevich.
Was born in 1956 in Ukraine. The space writer. A member of the International organization of artists at UNESCO, a member of Association of aquarellists of Estonia, a member of Association of Russian artists of Estonia. Lives and works in Tallinn. It is actively exposed since 1991.