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                    Albert Benois    The best pictures

Benois, Albert Nikolaevich. (1852 1936). The painter-aquarellist, the architect. Has created an extensive series of kinds of Petersburg and suburbs. The Founder member of the Society of Russian aquarellists. Since 1895 the keeper of Russian museum of Emperor Alexander III in St.Petersburg.

                    Alexander Benois    The best pictures

Benois, Alexander Nikolaevich. (1870 1960). The representative of Russian modernist style. The Graphic artist, the painter, the theatrical artist, the reformer of the Russian book drawing, one of authors of a modern image of the book. The publisher, the talented critic, the historian of art, the writer.

                    Igor Grabar    The best pictures

Grabar, Igor Emmanuilovich. (1871 1960).

                    Konstantin Bogaevsky    The best pictures

 The ships. The evening sun.  1912. The State Russian Museum,  St. Petersburg, Russia.  Landscape with the lock.  1912. The Aivazovsky Art Gallery,  Feodosia, Ukraine.  Rainbow.  1931. The state museum  of the fine arts it. A.S.Pushkina,  Moscow, Russia.
Bogaevsky, Konstantin Fedorovich.(1872-1943).Was born in Feodosiya. Studied in the Petersburg Academy of arts under direction of A.I.Kuindzhi. The representative of symbolism, the master of a landscape, the painter and the schedule, the founder of original is epic-romantic style of a landscape of east part of Crimea - Kimmeria.

                    Victor Chernovolenko    The best pictures

 Russia.  1937. A private collection  of M. F. Drozdovoj-Chernovolenko.  Let bells of space call all.  Invincible spirit.
Chernovolenko, Victor Tihonovich.(1900-1972). Was born in a to Moscow. In 1918 has ended 1 Moscow real school. Per 1926 was included into group Amaravella. Not knowing notes, the artist could improvise on a grand piano in perfection. Musical improvisations were extremely conformable to its pictures. Personal exhibitions in the USSR and the Europe.

                    Julius Klever    The best pictures

Klever, Julius Julievich. (1850 1924).

                    Konstantin Korovin    The best pictures

Korovin, Konstantin Alexeevich. (1861 1939). In early painting of the master lines of symbolism and a modernist style appear. In the course of time in its art colourful improvisations, dynamically-mobile, sensual game of dabs, organic feeling of the world as colourful performance have prevailed.

                    Boris Kustodiev    The best pictures

Kustodiev, Boris Mikhailovich. (1878 1927). Member of associations "the art World" and "the Union of Russian artists". His well-known images of a traditional life and colourful national types are similar to wonderful dreams about old Russia.

                    Mikhail Nesterov    The best pictures

 Vision to Youth Bartholomew.  1889-1890.  The Tretyakov Gallery,  Moscow, Russia.  Silence. 1903. The Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow, Russia.  Russia.  Soul of the people. 1915-1916.  The Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow, Russia.
Nesterov, Mikhail Vasilevich. (1862-1942). The artist for many generations embodied alive connection of epoch. He has selected in art a way "Poetry of realism". In the time of domination an aesthetics of the Wanderers Nesterov searches for itself in a household genre, in the transitive period addresses to religious subjects, and in new time wholly concentrates on an image of the man.

                    Kuzma Petrov-Vodkin    The best pictures

Petrov-Vodkin, Kuzma Sergeevich. (1878 1939).

                    Nikolas Roerich    The best pictures

 Mother of the World.  1937. Nicholas Roerich Museum,  New York, USA.  Song about a Shambhala.  1943. State Museum of  Oriental Arts,  Moscow, Russia.  Kanchenjunga.  1936.  Nicholas Roerich Museum,  New York, USA.
Roerich, Nikolay Konstantinovich. (1874-1947). The Spiritual devotee, an outstanding artist, the traveller, scientific, the writer, the public figure. Was born in St. Petersburg. Has ended the Academy of arts and university. Veins in Finland, England, the USA, India. The author of the Pact of Roerich on protection of cultural values.

                    Svetoslav Roerich    The best pictures

 Helena Ivanovna Roerich's portrait.  Nicholas Roerich Museum,  New York, USA.  The person. (your Lord).  1967. Bangalore, India.  Pieta.  1960.  State Museum of  Oriental Arts,  Moscow, Russia.
Roerich, Svetoslav Nikolaevich.(1904-1993).The Original artist and an outstanding public figure. Was born in St. Petersburg. Veins in Finland, England, the USA. Has ended the Harward university. Per 1931 has moved from the USA to India. Has creatively apprehended many art ideas and belief of father N.K.Roerich.

                    Arkady Rylov    The best pictures

Rylov, Arkady Alexandrovich. (1870 1939).

                    Boris Smirnov-Rusetsky    The best pictures

 Sudak. A surf. 1985.  White mountain. A fog.  1983. State Museum of  Oriental Arts,  Moscow, Russia.  Monasteries of Light.  1977. I.M.Zenkina's private collection,  Moscow, Russia.
Smirnov-Rusetsky, Boris Alekseevich. (1905-1993). Was born in St. Petersburg. Has finished engineering-economic institute, postgraduate study. The participant of creative group of artists Amaravella. In 1941 has been subjected illegally to repression. During with 1962 for 1988 in cities USSR personal exhibitions of products of the artist took place.

                    Konstantin Vasilyev    The best pictures

Vasilyev, Konstantin Alexeevich. (1942 1976).