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Gold-Domed Moscow
History and photos more 150 ancient Moscow temples,
both destroyed, and saved up to now.

For a basis of the present selection "Gold-Domed Moscow" («Москва Златоглавая») the Album "Sacred Places of Ancient Moscow" («Святыни Древней Москвы»), issued in Moscow in 1993 is taken. The Album is based on the 13-languid editions left in 1880-years and devoted to the Moscow churches, the composer and which publisher was the largest industrialist and public figure of Russia Nikolay Aleksandrovich Naydenov. Naydenov's Collection is a kind of an illustrated guide on history of all Moscow Churches. Only 160 photos from 1000 ones were chosen for Album "Sacred Places of Ancient Moscow". The Historical information on these churches are taken from works of other remarkable enthusiast of Moscow churches history - Mikhail Ivanovich Aleksandrovskiy.

From churches submitted in an Album "Sacred Places of Ancient Moscow", few up to now were saved.
In the present selection "Gold-Domed Moscow" is given the additional information and modern photos of the saved and restored temples.

In a selection the historical items of information are given in the compressed kind. Subscribe for free-of-charge dispatch, and you receive the extended historical review and other useful information.
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