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Art education in Russia

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The art education is the base of the Russian culture.
In Russia there is a three-level system of art education:
art schools, art colleges, art institutes.
For today of 8% of learning comprehensive schools simultaneously are trained and at schools of arts. Thus art education children begin to receive per 5-7 years, that speaks about the special rule of art education.

The most known art educational establishments of Russia


In 2007 of the Russian Academy of Arts 250 years were executed.

From a history of Academy.The world authority of Russian Fine Arts and the Russian Painting School is well-known. The higher school of masters of Russian Art and the center of artistic life of the country is situated in the Academy of Three Main Arts that was founded on initiative of I.I.Shuvalov and M.V.Lomonosov by the ukase of the Senate in 1757. The study started in 1758 in several classes - in the class of painting, sculpture, architecture and medal making. Six years later Privileges and Statutes of Emperor Academy of Three Main Arts were approved by the imperial ukase of Empress Katherine II. It was a legislative recognition of the government self-value and self-dependence of artistic activity. Nowadays the Roman figures MDCCLXIV inlaid with mosaic on the floor of the Academy carry back to that day.


Moscow State Academic Art Institute named after V.I.Surikov
30 Tovarisheski Pereulok
109004 Moscow, Russia
Tel: (495) 912-3932
E-mail: artinst@mail.ru
Official site: www.pencil.nm
V. Surikov Moscow State Academy Art Institute is one of the leading centers of higher art education in Russia.
In 1939, Igor Grabar became the first rector of the Moscow State Art Institution. The noted artist, art historian and talented teacher I. Grabar managed to attract to the Institute such renowned artists as S. Gerasimov, A. Deineka, A. Lentulov, V. Favorski, A. Osmerkin, K. Istomin who greatly contributed to the development of the best traditions of the Moscow art school.
In 1947 the Institute became a division of the USSR Academy of Arts. In 1948, in honor of the centenary of V. Surikov’s birth, the Institute was named after the celebrated Russian artist V. Surikov.

I.Repin St.Petersburg State Academy Institute of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture
17 University Embankment
199034 St.Petersburg, Russia
Tel: (812) 323-6189
E-mail: artacademy@artacademy.spb.ru
Official site: www.artacademy.spb
I.Repin St.Petersburg State Academy Institute of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture is one of the oldest and biggest higher art institutions in Russia. Founded to train home-grown artists, the Institute spawned galaxy of talent, including many Russian great painters and architects.
The Institute occupies most of the imposing building of the Russian Academy of Arts, built between 1764 and 1788 by Alexander Kokorinov and Vallin de la Mothe and comprises the following divisions: Faculty of Painting; Faculty of Graphic Art; Faculty of Architecture; Faculty of Sculpture; Faculty of Theory and History of Arts.
The Institute offers a rich art library which history dates back to the 18th century, a lot of opportunities to learn from plaster casts of famous sculptures, architectural drawings and models of many of the city’s notable buildings in the Research Museum located in the same building, as well as workshops for senior students headed by the most experienced and talented teachers and artists, Full and Corresponding Members of the Russian Academy of Arts.Annually, diploma work by its graduates is exhibited in the big Parade Hall.
I.Repin Institute provides higher art education for international students and post graduate programs.

Moscow State Academy Art Lyceum named after N.Tomski
8/2 Krymski Val
119049 Moscow, Russia
Tel: (495) 230-3053
Fax: 230-3436
Official site: www.art-lyceum
The Moscow Art Lyceum is founded on the disciplines of painting, sculpture and architecture. These three disciplines are fundamental to the Academy traditions that the Lyceum is proud to uphold. It offers children of exceptional abilities and promise the opportunity to obtain necessary skills and a foundation to their careers as professional artists.
Application and interviews. The most gifted children with the four-year experience in the primary school are selected to become students of the Lyceum for the free of charge seven-year training. The Diploma of the secondary art education allows the graduates to enroll the higher art educational entities, including V. Surikov Moscow State Academy Art Institute and I. Repin St. Petersburg State Academy Institute of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture.
Teaching is based upon the individual’s capacities. The diversity of artistic practice contributes to the development of children’s talents. School exhibitions are also one of the most efficient methods of professional perfection.

B.Ioganson St.Petersburg State Academy Art Lyceum
17 Detskaya str.,
199106 St.Petersburg
Tel: (495) 322-0381; 322-4346

In 1934 the establishment of the first in the Soviet Union art school for gifted children was initiated by the Leningrad communist party boss Sergei Kirov. Located in the Academy of Arts building in Leningrad, in 1936 it was transformed in the Secondary Art School. In 1947 the Secondary Art School became a division of the USSR Academy of Arts which in 1973 was named after the noted artist B. Ioganson.
Since 1992 it has been the B. Ioganson St. Petersburg State Academy Art Lyceum comprising three divisions: painting, sculpture and architecture.

The Russian Academy of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture

Email: info@glazunov-academy.ru
Ilya Glazunov's Gallery
Volkhonka st. 13,
Moscow, Russia

The Russian Academy of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture - higher educational art institution. Is based by National Artist USSR Glazunov Ilya Sergeevich.Since this year till the present time he is the rector of Academy.

The founding of the Russian Academy of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture in 1988 is a crowning achievement in the life of Ilya Glazunov. The academy is a shrine to the arts, and this is evidenced by the refined elegance of its halls, offices and libraries. A stronghold of the traditions of high realism, the academy is a unique place where, under the guidance of rector and instructor Ilya Glazunov, young artists work to attain mastery drawn from the legacy of the great artists of the past. Immersed in their artistic pursuits, they enrich their spirits by communing with the beauty and harmony that surround them. The academy’s building was restored under Glazunov’s guidance, and the design of its interiors, carried out according to his suggestions, reminds one of the grandeur of the majestic Russian interiors of the various palaces of St. Petersburg, Pavlovsk, and Tsarskoye Selo.

S.Stroganov Moscow State Art Industrial University

9 Volokolamskoe highway
Moscow, Russia
Tel: (495) 158 6951
Official site: www.mghpu.ru

S.Stroganov Moscow State Art Industrial University (S.Stroganov Moscow maximum Art Industrial School) - one of oldest in Russia of art educational institutions in the field of industrial, decorative and applied art and art of an interior.
In 2005 of the Moscow State Art Industrial University 180 years were executed.
Today University - the most versatile art university - spends preparation of the artists on 5 specialities and 17 specializations: to designing of interiors and furniture, development of decorative and furniture fabrics, prepares the experts in various areas of design, historians and theorists of art, artists of painting and sculptors, artists on products from metal, ceramics and glass, restorers of painting, furniture and art metal.

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